“To fulfill Pierce County’s true potential -The Port,  City of Tacoma, Pierce County and the Puyallup Tribe must work in concert to form the ultimate economic and environmental engine. There’s been a history of environmental racism against the Tribe and conflict between the City and Port. We must together repair our relationship and keep moving forward from our toxic legacy. We must lay the foundation for a greener and more prosperous Port and county."


Vote for Port of Tacoma Commissioner 4


  • No to the world's largest methanol plant.
  • Properly address the safety issues of the LNG fracked gas facility. Fracking is associated with earthquakes and water contamination, and the methane leaks have a terrible impact on climate change. The LNG facility will emit 21,000 tons of CO2 plus other pollutants per year in the Puget Sound area. 43% (est. $133-million) public ratepayer subsidy for LNG facility. Public notice and engagement were minimal. This project has further fractured the Port's relationship with the Puyallup Tribe.
  • Modernize and enhance our Port to better compete and create family-wage jobs. To become a 21st century global port city, a strategic vision is required. The Port must not only improve infrastructure to compete in marine cargo business, but also have a master plan to fully utilize lands for region's benefit. A successful modern port is community, technology, and green oriented. It harnesses the power, talent, and innovation of its People.
  • Heal the breach between the People and the Port Commission with genuine transparency and high community engagement. When it comes to major decisions that affect our identity and future, the People must be properly informed and consulted. This will help avoid the numerous protests and lawsuits that have occurred since early 2016.
  • Bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the Port Commission. The Port Commission needs diverse perspectives and skill sets to be creative and competitive. It must be open and inclusive of the People's energy, ideas, and values. My strength is I can listen and lead. Port culture must change to usher in a new era of prosperity and environmental stewardship. I can bring modern environmental sensibility and technology focus.
  • Repair relationship and Work in good faith with the Puyallup Tribe and surrounding communities to develop the Tideflats to its highest and best use for the benefit of all.
  • Lead in environmental stewardship and sustainability to thrive in the 21st century. We can't do this with a 20th century mindset.
  • Dream Project: In partnership with the public school system, establish a first-class Maritime High School. This maritime high school would be similar to the Raisbeck Aviation HS near Boeing. Curriculum would include for example: STEM subjects, global studies, international affairs, languages, logistics/robotics and Native American culture. It would instill principles of environmental stewardship and sustainability. This school would cultivate and secure the talent for our future in global competition. This also would be a way to connect the Port to the People. It is my hope that the friendships, knowledge and values formed at this school will have a marvelous impact. That the next generation will show us a better way of relating, living, and doing business.
Kristin Ang

Kristin Ang